Unit 2: Teaching Practice. Part I. Problems.

As a teacher who has already worked with #eTwinning for a period of time I would like to introduce some of the problems I have had or concerns I have come across along the implementation of the project.

- Bad partnership or leadership
In some projects teachers have not been 100% into the project and it has been getting weaker as time has gone by. Sometimes it has involved quitting the project in the process of it. This is a downside difficult to prevent, since at the beginning of the project everyone is pretty motivated and everything looks perfect.

- Topics
I am good at working on broad topics which allow the possibility of connecting all the contents of the subject (which is English language and the contents are very much grammar and vocabulary). But I usually have troubles when I want to focus on a more specific topic and connect all the contents anyway. This is pretty hard from my point of view and I would like to have more help regarding this issue.

I have learnt that at the beginning of the project the different participants should agree on a minimum quality of the videos, for instance. Sometimes we work hard on producing videos (for activities of the project) to send them to our partnerschools, but if the quality is not good enough, then the partnerschools can't work much on the videos.

This is a great handicap for a language-based subject, since good-quality videos allow me to work listening skills through videos.

These are my main concerns when doing projects and using etwinning possibilities, as well as the areas that I would like to improve.
Any advice is welcome! :)


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